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Natural Calm: 5 Ways to Lower Anxiety with Essential Oils

Discover the exact oils I use to help me and my kids lower our anxiety...and who doesn't need that these days right?

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Hey, I'm Michele~

Essential Oil Specialist & Coach

Hey I’m Michele, an essential oil specialist and coach, who helps women use nature to heal. I specialize in the safe use of oils to support wellness, self-care, and natural wellness first.

The combination of beneficial oils and medical science empowers women to take charge of their own health and learn the skills necessary to heal their bodies naturally. I provide a balanced approach to healing your everyday ailments like headaches, colds, energy levels, stress, and trouble sleeping, and reducing nonessential doctor’s visits.


“I’m very cautious about what I put on, or in, my body. As someone in the health field, I’m well aware that essential oils are an unregulated free-for-all. I love that Jubilee of Wellness oils are sourced with care and with the detailed oversight of Michele. I can trust that what the bottle says is actually what I get. That’s why I use Jubilee of Wellness oils for wellness support.”

~Sharon Catskill, Founder of the Helpful GF



“I absolutely love Michele. Jubilee of Wellness is really the best place shop for all of your oils. The time and knowledge that she has invested in her essential oils are beyond me. I carry her headache relief with me EVERYWHERE ! You won’t be disappointed..”

~Daisha Swift, Health Care Worker, Mompreneuer & Cosmotologist